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Macrolotto Buying Office is a global partner for brands and retail chains planning to produce in Italy as well as webshops and boutiques looking for ready-to-wear goods.

About Us

Unveiling the Latest in Fashion and Style

Macrolotto is the name of the industrial area of Prato. A town very close to Florence (Firenze) that has long been home to a small industry of textile factories.

There are over 8000 clothing factories in Prato making garments for major European retailers. Producing or buying ready-to-wear in Prato means a dramatic reduction in lead times (compared to overseas Asian productions) and an unbeatable quality-to-price ratio.

Together with clothing (the so-called fast fashion pronto moda) there is also a wide range of factories producing leather goods accessories and clothing. 


Elevate Your Brand's Fashion Presence

Unveiling the Latest in Fashion and Style


We find, evaluate and engage suppliers according to the products our Clients are looking for. Made in Italy quality productions.

Logistic & Operations

Management of orders from start to finish; shipping documents and invoices, resolving damage and delays issue, tariffs negotiation, payment terms arrangements.

Quality Assurance

Factory evaluation, pre-production, du-pro, and final Audits according to AQL standards.

Our Team

We have extensive experience in the textile business, quality control, logistics, and export procedures. Macrolotto Buying Service is a trustable partner that will guide you into this complex, varied, and ever-changing market. We are able to select and guide you to the best suppliers, negotiate the most competitive prices, and assist you through the entire process of your orders. Our professional team will guide you to the trendiest ready-to-wear manufacturers and select professional and reliable factories where you can confidently place your orders.

Our Values

Values That Shape Our Fashion Legacy

We believe that people come before profit. We show this in our service, but we extend it to every aspect of our business as well. We’re passionate about everyone we work with, both suppliers and clients. Part of this is our commitment to best practices, promoting workers’ rights and social justice.

That’s why we’re proud members of Sedex!

Sedex is “a global non-profit membership organization that allows companies to share data on responsible sourcing of supply chains to more than 40,000 members in 150+ countries. This includes labor rights, health and safety, the environment, and business ethics.


Categories Of Products We Are Specialized In


Who Embarks on the Fashion Journey with Us

Private Labels and Brands

We have assisted several major Private Labels and European big retailers in re-organizing their sourcing strategies and moving their production back to Italy. A short, reactive, and stable supply chain is the key to keeping business protected.

Shops and Chains of Shops

Prato (Macrolotto), and Florence (Sesto Fiorentino and Osmannoro) are the biggest ready-to-wear apparel and leather goods markets in Europe.

Ecommerce, Web Shops and Influencers

We specialize in assisting e-commerce in their development and growth. We meet and exceed their needs in terms of flexible productions, fast deliveries, quick turnaround, and replenishments together with aggressive prices.


Usually lead times are from 1-3 weeks depends on the factory and product

Minimum order quantities for production orders usually start from approx 80/100pcs per style. It depends on the style, fabric and factory how many pcs per colour and number of sizes. Instead If you buy from cash & carry, where the goods are on the shop floor moq is around 5pcs per style per colour and minimum invoicing amount can be from around €250/€300

Usually the price given is not negotiable unless you’d like to order large quantities from 500pcs per style. Prices in Prato are given net of everythin, so they do not include transport, personalised labels/hangtags or flat packing in individual polybags. These costs are added on separately depending on each customers needs.

If goods need to be sent to countries outside the European comunity, yes you will need to pay duties. The percentage changes depending on the destination country.

It depends on each clients needs, some clients have their own forwarding agent, otherwise we can quote for you forwarding options based on the volume and final destination of goods.

Our service cost depends on each clients requirements. There can be a fixed fee or it can be a small percentage on invoiced amount. Usually the prices we comunicate already include our basic fee, if you have special requirements we will then let you know beforehand.

Yes you can develop your own styles, however it depends on the factory. Some factories require preorders or a small deposit to proceed with making samples that can then be deducted from production order invoice. Usually factories in Prato work from their collection where you can make small changes to personalise the garments for you.

Most methods are accepted, nearly all factories accept major credit cards, cash and bank transfers.

Yes you can if you pay immediately with a credit card or cash. You will need to show a document of transport, for example a copy of your car registration document to show the goods leave Italy if you require to pay without Italian VAT.

Usually the factories have their own selection of fabric suppliers that they use, so if you are looking for a fabric they will propose their options considering the style.

It depends on the factories. The cash and carry factories have new styles coming out nearly every day based on the current running season, whereas the semi-programmed production factories start presenting their Spring Summer collection from end of November and Autumn Winter starts from June, between the 2 collections new items are often added in.

It depends on each clients requirements. As a standard we spot check the productions for finish, sizing and labelling. If a client requires a more indepth QC with a certain AQL report, this can be organised for an extra service cost.

Yes of course you can. If you have them already developed we can keep them in our office and distribute to factories when your orders are placed. If you still have not produced your own label and swingtag we can organise this for you, costings vary depending on the quality and quantities you’d like to develop. Otherwise if you do not have any labels the factories usually have standard labels and hangtags that can be used if necessary.

The fabrics used in Prato are within EU regulations. If you require specific standards for example rub test, shrinkage etc. we can organise fabric testing at local qualified laboratories. We can provide costings based on each clients personalised request.

In Prato samples can be developed if there’s a previsonal order in hand and/or if you pay a deposit that can be deducted from the production bulk invoice.

Factories require a 30%/50% deposit before proceeding with orders and then balance before shipment.

Yes you can, otherwise if you do not have a courier account we can arrange shiment for you. We can provide you with a couple of estimates based on your requirements for transport lead times and the quantity of boxes you will be shipping and destination.

To be honest we do not know how many there are exactly of clothing factories here in Prato, probably more than 10.000 so it’s quite a few to visit! Most of the factories produce womenswear but there are also factories for mens and childrenswear.

Prato is split up in 3 areas for the clothing factories, Iolo, Tavola and Macrolotto 2.

It’s usually best to have a car to beable to visit all 3 areas. One of our services is taking clients around the areas and factories in Prato based on the product/price/quality you are looking for.

Prato is only about a 20 minute drive from Florence airport and a 30/40minute drive from Florence city centre (depending on traffic!). There is also a good connection to and from Prato central and Florence train station.

We often suggest to clients when it’s the first time coming here to stay in the centre of Florence and then get a train from Florence central train station to Prato Centrale which only takes approx 20minutes and then we can come and pick you up at the station. In Florence there is big choice of hotels. If one prefers to stay in Prato there are just a few hotels and we can help you choose the best based on your needs.


About Us

Macrolotto Buying Office is a global partner for brands and retail chains planning to produce in Italy as well as webshops or boutiques looking for ready-to-wear goods.

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